The time of colds comes back, the doctors’ offices are filling up . But it does not always seek medical attention, because there are many home remedies that can save you a going to the doctor. With the right knowledge, you can certainly also help themselves, and you do not take the often unloved going to the doctor. Following a few home remedies for sore throat, fever and coughs are here shown, which anyone can use easily and for the most part are very effective.

Measures against sore throat

- Sage or chamomile tea gargle for sore throat : Both sage, and chamomile tea both contain essential oils that welchwe inflammation in the throat and relieve the almonds. The solution can be made ​​from two teaspoons of sage leaves or chamomile leaves. The leaves can be drawn pour a pint of boiling water, cover and 15 minutes. Gargle with warm tea several times a day for a few minutes while the tea so that spit out the bacteria are flushed out.

- Quark packs for sore throat : Quark has many positive attributes – it cools, slows down inflammation, relieves pain and reduces swelling . 500 grams of cottage cheese mix onto a thin cloth in a 0.5 cm thick layer. The cloth folded so that only a thin fabric layer between quark and neck. The quark winding to body temperature heat (for example, put on a radiator ) and place it on the neck and also wrap a towel or a cloth. As long as the neck can until it is dried.