The time of colds comes back, the doctors’ offices are filling up . But it does not always seek medical attention, because there are many home remedies that can save you a going to the doctor. With the right knowledge, you can certainly also help themselves, and you do not take the often unloved going to the doctor. Following a few home remedies for sore throat, fever and coughs are here shown, which anyone can use easily and for the most part are very effective.

Measures against sore throat

- Sage or chamomile tea gargle for sore throat : Both sage, and chamomile tea both contain essential oils that welchwe inflammation in the throat and relieve the almonds. The solution can be made ​​from two teaspoons of sage leaves or chamomile leaves. The leaves can be drawn pour a pint of boiling water, cover and 15 minutes. Gargle with warm tea several times a day for a few minutes while the tea so that spit out the bacteria are flushed out.

- Quark packs for sore throat : Quark has many positive attributes – it cools, slows down inflammation, relieves pain and reduces swelling . 500 grams of cottage cheese mix onto a thin cloth in a 0.5 cm thick layer. The cloth folded so that only a thin fabric layer between quark and neck. The quark winding to body temperature heat (for example, put on a radiator ) and place it on the neck and also wrap a towel or a cloth. As long as the neck can until it is dried.

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What training opportunities are there?

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Breathing is something elemental to our body. Without the supply of oxygen is as good as nothing, neither a long-term energy, nor a thought process in the brain. A good example of this can be the feeling of fatigue that affects us when we work long hours in confined spaces and in which we do to fix it, open the windows or go for a walk. What we want to achieve?

Basically two things are thus addressed:

a) Normalization of the breathing sequence that is under tension during strenuous work and more and more flatten and

b ) A targeted improvement of oxygen supply, so that the “head clearer again” (maybe also run remedy headaches) and our thought processes better.

And precisely these processes also aims forest walk or Nordic walking tour. All the more it amazes me when I walk in the forest smoking people see. That’s what I see for me is always with the driver who give the gas the handbrake attracts.

The same can be perceived even when the rest breaks in the cottages. When you see which portions gets expected of so many hikers stomach, then you wonder highest that this stomach even still allows some breathing. So a belly but can not help but say “ouch” when still breathing additional pressure is applied to it. And the reaction of the body who wants to avoid a disruption of its operations, is simply a shift to the chest breathing – a reduction in the pressure feeling in the stomach. Thank you, one can only say.

What we wanted to achieve again? Respiratory depression (reduction of breathing)? More oxygen intake? More Vitality? Are we not but set off with the handbrake on?

In the next blog article, I agree to the benefits of deep abdominal breathing and what health issues resulting therefrom.